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Stephanie Cooper Law specializes in a diverse range of legal areas, including criminal defense, family law, wills/probate, and contract disputes.

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Stephanie L. Cooper

“Empowering People Through Compassionate Advocacy and Expertise.”

Stephanie L. Cooper is an accomplished attorney with a general litigation firm that focuses on criminal defense, family law, wills/probate, contract disputes and more. Her certification as a family law mediator showcases her commitment to facilitating harmonious resolutions for family-related concerns, while her prowess in criminal defense ensures dedicated advocacy for clients facing legal challenges. With a sensitive touch matched with a steely resolve, Stephanie adeptly and zealously handles any matter she takes on – with her client’s best interests as her top priority. Throughout her multifaceted legal practice, Stephanie’s dedication and compassionate approach make her a steadfast ally for individuals and families seeking effective legal solutions.

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Our Specialties

Creative Solutions for Legal Problems

Stephanie Cooper, a certified family law mediator, specializes in resolving family-related issues. Through mediation, parties reach agreements on child custody and visitation, reducing costs, stress, and leaving child-rearing decisions to parents, not judges.

Our firm guides you through complex legal issues after the passing of a loved one, ensuring their wishes are honored.

For contract disputes, our firm offers seasoned legal expertise to untangle complexities and safeguard your interests.

Beyond wills and probate, Stephanie Cooper offers estate solutions for financial and healthcare decisions. With expertise in drafting powers of attorney and healthcare directives, she helps clients make important choices for the future.

Stephanie Cooper Law

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Extensive Experience & Expertise

With over 17 years of legal experience, Stephanie has honed her skills in various areas of law including family law, criminal defense, wills/probate, and more. Her background in journalism/public relations and graphic/web design further adds to her ability to communicate effectively and provide creative solutions to legal challenges.

Compassionate Mediation & Advocacy

Stephanie's certification as a family law mediator demonstrates her commitment to resolving disputes amicably. Her compassionate approach allows her to guide families through child access issues like custody and visitation, reducing the need for prolonged and costly litigation. Her track record showcases her dedication to empowering parents and achieving harmonious outcomes.

Personalized Approach and Local Community Focus

Stephanie is dedicated to serving the legal needs of Rockport-Fulton and surrounding communities. Her emphasis on creating plans tailored to individual clients underscores her dedication to personalized solutions. By choosing Stephanie, you're selecting a legal professional who understands the intricacies of the law and is invested in the well-being of the community.

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